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Praying Constantly – A Tiber River Review

Praying Constantly - Bringing Your Faith to Life
Praying Constantly - Bringing Your Faith to Life

I recently had the opportunity to read Fr. Benedict J Groeschel's newest book, Praying Constantly: Bringing Your Faith to Life. As a mother who tends to have perfectionist tendencies, I'm always reading to find out just what praying constantly REALLY means. Obviously, I have my particularly busy station in life and cannot live like I was in a monastery (though, it *IS* nice to do once in a while). It's hard to wrap my head around what that means for someone in non-consecrated life.

Fr. Groeschel's book gave me some excellent insights that I didn't have before. The first couple of chapters cover the basics of Christianity — how to pray, praying in a “dry spell”, and who God is, making this an excellent book for someone who isn't even very religious or who may not be sure they believe at all. The next chapter (my favorite, for clarity purposes), explains what it means to pray constantly.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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