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Posting Videos on YouTube with Sony Vegas Pro 8

You will probably see more videos on our blog and website in the future.  The technology is affordable and the quality is great but the learning curve has been steep.  I spent one day processing our videos in Sony's Vegas Pro 8.  This program is vastly superior to Windows Movie Maker because it literally has an infinite number of effects and transitions.  How so?  Not only are there dozens and dozens to choose from, each one is also completely customizable.  This software also allows you to zoom and pan photographs (and video) as well as do video overlays which worked well for putting up people's names and businesses.  Pretty cool. 

Learning the software was time consuming but it was also a lot of fun.  Uploading them to YouTube was much harder and required even more time than making the videos.  Every time I uploaded the video and viewed it, the quality was so bad that I immediately deleted it.  After trying  a dozen file types I finally found out what the problem was.  So here are a couple tips for uploading your videos to YouTube when you're using Sony Vegas Pro 8.

In Vegas Pro:

-Your file extension should be .wmv

-Video rendering quality should be set to BEST.

In YouTube:

-Upload and BE PATIENT! 

It takes a while for your video to be processed in YouTube completely.  It will allow you to view your video before it has finished, but the quality will be very, very low.  If I had waited for it to finish I probably would not have had to try multiple files types and multiple custom options.  None of the “helps” I found online worked because of this, and I suspect other people have had similar issues and thought it was a problem with Vegas Pro 8. 

You can view our YouTube channel here to see the results.

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