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Patrick – Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle – A Tiber River Review

Here is a movie review on a movie I have spoken about several times before. My family and I love it and I know yours will too!

Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle is an awesome movie that portrays the amazing life of Saint Patrick. The fascinating story of Celtic pirates, flourishing friendships and unfaltering faith is something that will entertain the entire family. The depiction of Saint Patrick's life is easy for children to understand and they are taught about the Holy Trinity and the importance of prayer in everyday life. Another important lesson learned is about having a complete faith in God and his plan, especially while in circumstances that seem impossible to overcome or endure. Although Patrick is kidnapped away from his home and brought to the pagan filled land of Ireland, he feels God all around him and continues to tell everyone he meets about God. In his struggles he relies on his faith and prevails. This is a beautiful story of a child who becomes a man and from a man transforms into a saint.

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