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When You Care Enough To Bring The Very Best…

As the bishop, are you tired of being ambushed by liturgical dancers, rain sticks and clay chalices when you celebrate the Mass at different parishes around the diocese? Don't worry about that any longer. We at Liturgical Anonymous have created a new program for bishops who would rather just bring good liturgy with them instead of dealing with the headaches …

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Monthly Catholic Devotions of the Church Year

Each month of the year is dedicated to a particular devotion within the Catholic faith; the dedication of each month is based on historical events or a particular aspect of the liturgical calendar, or a combination of the two. These monthly Catholic devotions do not line up exactly with the time frame of the liturgical calendar, since they are fixed …

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Living the Easter Season with Your Family

Living Easter with Your Family

So often our world seems to cut our joyous holidays short or misunderstand the meaning of the season. During Advent, stores and commercials build up the holiday hype of Christmas, but the day after Christmas everything is marked down and pushed away. Meanwhile, Catholics spend Advent preparing, with eager anticipation, for Christ’s birth on Christmas. Christmas day comes and we continue the celebration through the Epiphany (January 6th) or even through the Presentation (February 2nd).

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