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Our Pastor Got Arrested!?

Actually, no. The still from the You Tube video of thirteen pro-life protesters, including two priests, who did get arrested at the Democratic National Convention just happens to show our pastor, Fr. Tom in the midst of the group right before the arrests. He was actually giving them a blessing.

Fr. Tom at the Democratic National Convention

The police in Denver have mellowed since the days when my Aunt was in Operation Rescue. At one rally the police all took off their badges so you couldn't file a complaint, used excessive force including choking my aunt and tossed her in jail after confiscating her asthma medicine. I sometimes wonder if the US bishops had stood united with the folks from Operation Rescue if the abortion debate would have been settled twenty years ago.

Fr. Tom had been a participant in the prayer vigil at the new Planned Parenthood abortuary in Denver that just opened the night before. The vigil featured Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King.

Since the DNC is still in town and Obama has been annointed as the nominee here are a couple of things to keep in mind about him:

If you are interested in the circus that Nancy Pelosi has become, American Papist has the goods.

Since so much effort is being devoted to distorting the Faith and trying to convince Catholics that abortion is really just a little issue, it's time to arm yourself with some rational thoughts on the matter:

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