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On the Anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto…

You can't do better than a bowl of “Christians and Muslims” for dinner. That's what my father in law calls beans and rice, but I can't spell it in Spanish. If you have boys, add salsa or ketchup for that extra special meal to be remembered.

And if you haven't read Lepanto by Chesterton, what are you waiting for?

In honor of this great naval victory, we present some other dates related to Islam, the religion of peace. Had the recent claims by Muslims that theirs is a religion of peace been backed up by historical precedent, then maybe they wouldn't ring so hollow.

633 – Muslims conquer Iraq
635 – Muslims conquer Syria
637 – Muslims conquer Jerusalem
639 – Muslims conquer Armenia and Egypt
654 – Muslims conquer Cyprus
672 – Muslims conquer Rhodes
709 – Muslims complete conquest North Africa
718 – Muslims complete conquest of most of Iberia (Spain)
841 – Muslims capture Bari in southern Italy
884 – Muslims burn the Monte Casinos Abbey to the ground
902 – Muslims complete the conquest of Sicily
1452 – Muslims conquer Constantinople
1529 and 1566 – Muslims lay siege to Vienna
1571 – Battle of Lepanto

The battle of Lepanto and the failed sieges of Vienna marked the end of Muslim expansion into Europe for several hundred years. Unfortunately, the sieges of Vienna forced the Holy Roman Emperor to focus his attention there instead of on the disintegration of his kingdom during the Protestant revolution, leaving his kingdom and Europe in pieces.

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