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Okay, One More Time. Why Do You Have Products Made In China?

It must be because of China's history of religious freedom. Or not.

No, it must be because China has decided to recognize Taiwan's independence. Or not.


  1. He’s waiting for the Pope to hand down an edict telling him outright China is bad news – obviously he hasn’t been capable of figururing our the Pontiff’s attitude toward the demon meantime he’s got to support the fruit of his lust best he can by peddling goods his neighbors would love to have a chance to produce.

  2. Such boycotts neither harm nor persuade the Chinese government. They merely hurt the Chinese individuals who try to earn a living making the products.

    There is ample opportunity in America to produce and sell goods. We are a rich country and can afford to share opportunity with people of other countries without neglecting our own citizens. We do neglect our own, but it is not because of material poverty.

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