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Okay, Now What?

Once you have convinced a population that:

  • sterile sex is the most responsible thing to do (and the most fun), and that
  • having children is bad for the environment, and that
  • the family is an archaic social construct, and that
  • children are a commodity like a new truck or a bigger house, and that
  • marriage has as much binding power as your frequent shopper grocery card, and that
  • patriotism is an archaic idea that causes war,

how do you convince the same population to have a birth rate of 2.1 children in order to keep the economy and population of a country from going into total collapse?

So far, paying women to have kids and giving new moms a wide range of maternity benefits isn't helping Russia or Germany or France. The reality is that once you convince people to live only for themselves, you can't then expect them to feel any kind of responsibility for the good of society.

For some real life examples about what happens when populations shrink, read about wolves and also about Eastern Russia.

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  1. In one class recently an instructor was talking about the declining labor force here in America. No one seems to be able to put two and two together on this one….

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