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Notes From Fr. Roderick's / Catholics in a Small Town Talk at #cnmc09

Since I find that documents and notes I create tend to vanish into the ether, I'm going to blog Father Roderick's talk so I won't lose these notes.

This talk is being given by Fr. Roderick and Mac and Katherine from Catholics in a Small Town.

How do you make compelling audio?

Catholics have a bad rap when it comes to communication:

  • Homilies are boring and drag on
  • Catholic radio isn't creative or engaging

We have a great message! Why can't we get excited about it?

Prepping for a podcast – it's about the personal connection between you and your listeners:

  • Who are you? Not everyone has a charism to be a podcaster.
  • What is your mission?
  • Who do you want to reach? What are your goals? “I'm trying to reach people who want to raise dogs the ‘Catholic' way”.
  • What is your world? What lingo do I speak? What am I familiar with? Catholics are a subculture. Don't under any circumstance try to be someone you are not!
  • What is their world? You can't reach your target audience if you don't know their language (lingo) and culture.
  • How to build the bridge between the two?
  • Pray! Pray! Pray!

The Language of Audio

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Creative – you have to paint a visual picture for your audience – create an atmosphere, create a world.

5 x i

  • Interest – You have to trigger interest in your show. ”
    – Start lively – have a “black box with a question mark on it that you tell people about but don't open.” – JJ Abrams (Lost)
    – Have a teaser at the beginning to explain what's going to happen
  • Inform – you can't have a podcast without substance
  • Instruct – you need to give people tools to change their lives
  • Involve
    – podcasts aren't a one-way street
    – When you involve your audience you create a community
    – if you ask for audience involvement you are responsible for responding to their input
  • Inspire

No Cooking Without a Recipe

Before you Start

  • The ingredients – what goes into my show? Make notes!
  • The sequence – what's the order? How do you keep people involved through the whole show.
  • The preparation
    – imagine that you are talking to your best friend – don't talk to amorphous “listeners”

Cooking and Serving

  • The Execution
    – Need Internet
    – Computer
    – Audacity – great for editing
    – Mic – most important tool for the podcast. Don't get a $5 mic.
    – Audio hijack good for recording sound files
  • Quality Control
    – If the podcast is lousy, do it again or people won't come back
    – Learn how to get close or pull away from Mike so your volume doesn't rapidly change
    – Keep consistency in podcasting – better to have a once a week show than to cast erratically
  • Serving the plates
    – Libsyn.com
  • Feedback

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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