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New Liturgical Translation Approved, In Print and In Use!

… If you happen to attend a Byzantine parish.

We attended the Byzantine Rite while in Tucson for the last two weeks and the pastor gave a great homily on the restoration of the word Theotokos to replace “Mother of God” in the new translation of the rite. I didn't notice too many other changes except for the introduction of the word “humankind”. Groan.


  1. I was really not satisfied with the bookclub that I belonged to and was searching for a way to make our personal library more “Cathlic”. Found this site, went ahead and got all the books, committed to reading each one of them (took me a little bit longer into the fall though). Actually read “Those Terrible Medival Ages twice trying to get the most out of it that I could.
    I never experienced “Catholic Stuff” in fiction before. This is a WONDERFUL Idea!!! I hope that it continues and maybe even expands throughout the year.
    Thank you so much, whoever followed through with it!!!

  2. We hope to do this again next year. Thank you for the comments!

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