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New Line of Affordable Catholic Medals

If you have been shopping for silver jewelry over the past few years you probably have experienced sticker shock. We have too. When we opened our store the most expensive sterling medals sold for about $30 with the average being in the low $20's.

Today, the average sterling medal retails in the high 30's with many medals priced at around $50. Here's why:


The price of silver six years ago was about $8 an ounce. Today, the price is almost $30! That is almost a quadrupaling of the price.

Fortunately, one of our favorite Catholic jewelry companies realized that your income didn't quadruple during that same period so they started producing a new line of gorgeous medals that are affordably priced.



The new line is called Satin Pewter and the medals have been taken from the sterling silver line and produced in a much more affordable but still beautiful way.


 Each lead-free pewter medal is plated with a thick layer of sterling silver which is then given an antiqued finish.

These medals make wonderful gifts for Confirmation and First Communion and best of all, won't break the bank.

 Browse all of our Antique Silver medals.

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