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New Catholic Christmas Music

Christmas Music from the North

How many Christmas Carols can you name that were written by saints?  Not many, probably.  But The Canadian Tenors perform a carol written by the Jesuit martyr St. Jean de Brébeuf that could only be sung by a Canadian group.  This unique treasure is just one of the reasons you'll want to make The Perfect Gift part of your Christmas music selection.

These four tenors sing a variety styles ranging from large orchestral arrangements to intimate piano renditions of classic Christmas Carols.  Fans of Josh Groban will particularly appreciate a new rendition of The Prayer.

“Easily one of the best albums you can pick up this holiday season.”

Mark Fisher, Colossal Pop

Make The Perfect Gift part of your music collection this Christmas season.

Get the Canadian Tenors Perfect Gift>>

Noël from The Priests

Did you know that The Priests hold the Guinnes Book of World Records for the fastest selling classical album in the UK?

Listen to any song from any of their albums and you'll see why.  Their lastest album, Noël, proves why these three priests have earned world-wide renown for their talent.

More Noel from The Priests>>

New from Josh Groban

“A softer and more intimate album.”  Never before has Josh Groban expressed himself so fully or truly.

11 out of the 13 songs on his new album, Illuminations, are co-written by Groban and show a side of him that no one could have expected.

Get Illuminations from Josh Groban>>

A Gift from Susan Boyle

What a change from the first time we saw Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent!

With a higher degree of polish than we've seen before, Susan Boyle has created a Christmas album you'll listen to throughout the whole season.

Listen to Susan Boyle's The Gift>>

Prepare to be Blown Away

When 10-year-old Jackie Evancho first performed on America's Got Talent people were sure she was lip-synching.  How could a girl that young have a voice like that?

Well, her voice was real and you can hear it all season long on her Christmas album, O Holy Night.

Bring Jackie Evancho's album home>>

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