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National Leader in Catholic Retailing Announces the 2011 Catholic Summer Reading Program.

For decades, secular bookstores throughout the country have been enormously successful at developing summer reading programs which feature popular and affordable paperbacks that can be easily carried and casually read while on vacation or simply enjoying some “downtime” during the summer months.

Leading Catholic online retailer Aquinas and More Catholic Goods has announced selections for its fifth sponsorship year of the now popular and distinctly Catholic summer reading program (catholicsummerreading.com).

The program, which officially launched June 1, once again urges Catholics to “not leave the Faith behind” when heading off to the beach, to Disneyworld, or to that proverbial cabin in the woods. The selection of over 30 paperback books includes both fiction and non-fiction works and all have distinctly Catholic themes.

“Many Catholics are not aware that there are extraordinary works of fiction (novels) on Catholic themes which are edifying, informative, engaging and inspiring. At the same time, fiction is not everyone's “cup of tea” so the summer reading program offers a solid selection of books in the subject areas of education, history, comparative religion, military interest, family issues, popular culture and more.” says Ian Rutherford, President of Aquinas and More.

Many of the featured titles also come with discussion guides to facilitate book clubs or book discussion groups that form around the books being offered. Online book discussions will also take place at www.catholicbookdiscussion.com. Catholic bookstores in communities across the country may also be sponsoring local book groups.

“Parishes might want to consider forming summer book discussion groups centered around the summer reading titles to offer parishioners some “lighter fare” in the off season summer months. Many Catholics will find the program more accessible than some other alternatives which can be more time and commitment intensive.” says Jeremy Oliver, Product Manager at Aquinas and More.


About Aquinas and More Catholic Goods

Aquinas and More Catholic Goods is the largest on-line Catholic store and is unique in its “no China” policy

and to provide its “Good Faith Guarantee” that everything it sells is in conformity with the Catholic Faith.

Aquinas and More is a leading supplier of Catholic books and Bibles as well as Catholic wedding gifts and

church supplies.

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