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My oldest son's First Holy Communion Day

It was Friday April 19, 1996. It was the last rehearsal before the sacrament on Sunday April 21. It was the last possible day to order a videotape of the First Communion. Our church was very particular about photography during the Mass, so the CCD program always had a videographer tape the First Communion Mass. I wasn't going to order the tape, but at the last minute I did. I was extremely grateful afterwards. You see, I was nine months pregnant and scheduled for a c-section delivery of my daughter, who was in a breech position, the following Wednesday. She had other plans, however. At 3 in the morning on April 21, 1996, my water broke. At 6:32 that morning, my daughter, who had remained in a breech position, was delivered by c-section. I did not get to attend my dear son's First Communion Mass. He got the unique First Holy Communion gift of a baby sister. The director of the CCD program announced at the end of Mass that He had a new baby sister. You can see on the video that both she and my dear son are crying. It is a day we will never forget. It is the only First Holy Communion date I can recall. I have recollections of all the others, but not the exact date. To this day, I cannot watch the video without getting a little teary-eyed.

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  1. My daughter finially made her first holy communion back in 2009 at age 14.the month before we went shopping for the required outfit.we went to bridal shops and department stores before she finially found a cute,poofy communion dress she she liked at a childrens boutique store.we got the matching veil,gloves,the required lace anklets with the dress.we then went to a shoe store and got her the mary jane shoes.Next came the hard part -the required cloth communion diaper,rubber pants and under shirt.we went to walmart and got a package of the gerber cloth diapers and diaper pins and the under shirt and white thread to sew the diapers together with to make the communion diaper out of.I got on the web and went the website the parish recommended for the rubber pants and ordered them.in the next few weeks,i got her diaper made,and her outfit all ready to go.the morning of the ceremony,i put the diaper,rubber pants,under shirt on her then her dress and veil,then her lace socks and shoes and gloves.she looked very cute and pure and innocent in the outfit and the rest of her day was filled with joy and happiness!

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