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My First Holy Communion Story

On May 6th, 2007 at the noon Mass in Holy Ghost Catholic Church with about fifteen or twenty other boys and girst all in brand new clothes I went up to receive my first Holy Communion. I was nervous but I was happy and excited that I could finally receive Jesus in Holy Communion.

After Mass during the reception lunch I asked Mommy if she thought the dresses were pretty. Mommy said that the other dresses were pretty but that she thought my dress was the prettiest. I knew that Mommy was right and anyway I agreed. My dress was homemade by my Grandma and Mommy made my veil. My shoes were wute and I had to wear one of Mommy's slips. I got several presents but my favorite was a St. Lucy pink necklace and a St. Lucy book.

That day was very beautiful and joyful and I still experience that joy every Sunday when I recive Holy Communion.

(Submitted by Lucy, age 10)

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