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My First Holy Communion

When my husband and I were married in the Catholic Church 35 years ago, I was not a Catholic and my husband was not a practicing one. After we had been married 2 years we decided religion was what was missing out of our marriage. We began to attend church and after a year of attending I decided I wanted to convert to Catholicism. I attended classes and knew I was making the right decision (we have since raised two children in the faith.) I would watch with envy when it came time for communion each week. It made me upset when those who had the privilege to receive communion, but did not give it the respect or appreciate how blessed they were to have this honor. When the evening of the Easter Vigil finally came, I was so excited! At last I would be able to participate in communion with the rest of the community that I had grown to love. When it was our turn to go up to receive communion I had never felt so much peace and love in my life. It was an incredibly wonderful night and all of these years later I continue to feel the joy that I did on the night of that Easter Vigil so many years ago, as I join my family and friends in communion.

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