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My First Holy Communion

My name is Catherine (or Cassie). I am ten years old. My first Holy Communion took place when I was seven. The great but also funny story begins like this… It was finally the day I was to receive Jesus for the first time! I quickly put on (with the help of my Mother) my beautiful dress that my uncle and aunt had bought for this occasion, one year before. With special socks and a puffy veil, I was ready. We drove to the Church and my school, St. Mary’s. I was very happy because my friend, Mary, and I were to sing the Responsorial Psalm. When Mass started, I anxiously waited till it was time to sing. Now Mary had missed most of the practices, so she was not to sing the verses. We went up to the pulpit, and we sang. Mary knew the verses, so she sang anyway. I was actually enjoying singing by myself, (though before I thought I wouldn’t) so I tried tapping Mary, to try to tell her to stop. Even though she didn’t, we had fun. Now it was time for Communion! I slowly walked toward the altar, then on the altar, to the priest. I then heard the priest say, “Wow!” I didn’t say anything; I just slightly nodded my head, thinking, “Thank you.” He said, “Wow!” again, so I thought, “Thank you” again. For the third time, he said, “Wow!” So then I was thinking “Thank you, Father. May I please have Jesus now?” Then, I finally realized he was saying, “Bow!” So, then I did, and I received Jesus, but I tried to hide a laughing smile all the way back to the pew! The day of my first Holy Communion was the best day of my life, and with a bit of humor!

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