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After writing a post about how horrible were the five minutes of the debate that I watched, I noticed that the blog had found a related post I wrote a while back. It just reminded me again why McCain isn't to be trusted on much of anything.

“Our first choice, Rudy Giuliani, did not win.  He ran a campaign with a risky strategy and it didn’t work. But our number two choice did win…John McCain. McCain came in second in a survey of our membership.

While he is personally “pro life” he has time and again reached out and worked with people across the spectrum.  We know we can work with him to create common ground that will allow moderates and conservatives to come together to rebuild the GOP.

RFC joins with Rudy Giuliani in asking our supporters to consider McCain as they go to vote over the next few weeks.

John is a true American hero with strong and consistent values.  He will provide the leadership that will rebuild America’s confidence in itself and among our allies worldwide. ”

Republicans for “Choice “

This is what the Republicans for Choice website currently has to say about the election. (Formatting is theirs)

Was there any good news at the Platform Hearings in Minnesota for Moderate/Conservative Pro-Choice Republicans?
Yah Sure You Betcha! But you didn't read about it or see it on TV.
But the platform is still anti-choice and very anti-woman in many parts. So, how can we say there is any positive to be found?

First, the McCain campaign did not have control over what ultimately would be finalized in the Platform.  If they had their way they would have cut it down to just a few pages and stripped out most of the stuff with which we disagree.  That was their original intent but there were not the votes on the Platform committee to get that done.

Many of the Delegates on that Committee were not McCain Delegates — they were Huckabee and Romney et al Delegates.

Second, the McCain Platform staff writers, at our prodding, put in language into the Abortion Plank itself that talked about the need to work with those in the Party who disagree on this issue to find common ground.

This is the first time ever that any Presidential contender tried to tinker with that plank to add in language that recognized us.

This was not our first choice of what to put in — but it was RFC's suggestion.  The more extreme elements of our Party who were on the Platform Committee in abundance stripped that language out.

We may have been defeated in the subcommittee but Platform Chairs Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA) and Senator Richard Burr (NC) came through for us in the full Convention.

They added and reworked language that we, at RFC, had submitted, into the Preamble! Not the appendix as had been done before — sticking some pathetic and weak attempt to appease us into the back end which no one sees.

No instead they took our suggested language and made it stronger and put it right up front.  It is the first thing you see when you open the Platform document!!

This language welcomes us all as conservatives, moderates, libertarians,independents and even liberals who disagree with certain planks to join in and debate and discuss.  And it makes the point that disagreements make us stronger and that no one is forced to conform to this Platform!

Yes!!  Good thing about that non-conform language since several of the Planks (on health, immigration and abortion) do not conform to McCain's own position!!

It also states that we are a party of mavericks that together can come up with the best ideas and solutions to the Nation's problems.

Now let's see what we can do to help shape a McCain administration to make good on those words!!

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