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Msgr. Ronald Knox: Convert, Apologist, Scholar and a Priest of Heroic Modesty

This week we continue our monthly series highlighting virtuous priests for the jubilee Year of the Priest. As you will read, Msgr. Ronald Knox, a convert and apologist, is an inspiration to all of us!

A difficult conversion.
Born the son of an Anglican bishop in 1888, it is no surprise that his journey to Catholicism took nearly thirty years.  But even at an early age Ronald found himself at odds with his father over the importance of theology in religion.  Bishop Knox belonged to the “evangelical” wing of the Anglican church while Ronald Knox became increasingly attracted to the “high church” theology and tradition.  The substance he found there gave his faith clarity.  In fact, he became so aware of what his Anglican faith was that he recognized it was not the true church founded by Christ.  It is interesting to note though that he believed his church was like a disobedient schoolboy who would eventually be reconciled with the school master.  In his early years at Trinity College he had no interest in becoming Catholic . . . .
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