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Magnificat and Magnifikid, the Perfect First Communion and RCIA Gift

We have the perfect gifts for
First Communion, Confirmation and RCIA
But there's a problem.
You have to order now.
Yes, Lent is still three weeks away.
Yes, Easter is still two months away.
But if you don't plan now, you will miss out.

You see, this gift takes eight weeks to deliver, so planning ahead is crucial.

What would be worth planning ahead two months to get? How about something that the lucky recipient:
  • will use every day for an entire year.
  • will use to get more out of Mass every Sunday.
  • will use to develop a habit of daily prayer.
  • will use to learn more about saints.
  • will use to learn new prayers and Catholic songs.
  • will use to learn about Catholic art.

This special gift is called Magnificat and is the premier monthly Catholic missal. For someone who has just completed RCIA, this is the perfect gift to help them continue their education in the Faith. For a teenager who is getting confirmed, Magnificat will help him stay excited about the Faith.

Magnificat Magazine

Each issue contains over 400 pages that include:
  • Beautiful prayers for both morning and evening, drawn from the treasures of the Liturgy of the Hours,
  • The official texts of the daily Mass,
  • Meditations written by the renowned Fathers of the Church, and a great variety of spiritual writings,
  • Essays on the of today and the past.
  • In each Magnificat, you will also find an article giving valuable spiritual insight, into a .
Magnificat has received a unanimous 5 star rating from our current subscribers!
Here is what some of them have to say:
5 out of 5 stars The Magnificat has been an indispensible aid in my spiritual life,
helping me to stay focused during Mass. I have just recently started to
use the Magnificat to follow along with the Eucharistic Prayers. I have
to say that without my Magnificat, my mind wanders at Mass. – Catalina in WI
5 out of 5 stars I have noticed a big difference in God's place in my everyday life. God
used to seem almost as an after thought. It could be easy to forget to
keep God in the center of my day when I was running around taking care
of children, cleaning my house, tending my garden, and doing my best
with my own education. The Magnificat was a great way to start the habit of pausing at least a few times a day to give God my complete attention. – Cass in SC

For your First Communicant, we offer Magnifikid! magazine.

Each month your child will receive a packet with an exciting full color booklet for each Sunday. Each booklet contains:

  • All the readings and the prayers of the Sunday Mass with many explanations on rituals and of the difficult words,
  • A daily prayer adapted to the Liturgy of the Hours,
  • Many suggestions on how to live the entire week with the Lord,
  • Various games, a comic, activities, to discover the Christian life and culture,
  • A page intended for the parents with suggestions for family prayers.

Our parish provided Magnifikid! to all the kids for Mass and our children loved being able to follow along or, in the case of the little ones, at least look at the pictures.

Our customers love Magnifikid. Here's a sample of their praise:

5 out of 5 stars I can't recommend these enough.  They introduce the kids to the faith
and to following the Mass in a way that is fun and accessible.  As a
catechist, a mom, and a godmother, this is one on my favorites. – Jennifer in SC
5 out of 5 stars I highly recommend MagnifiKid! to any parent who is
looking for something that will help their elementary school aged child
to learn to fully appreciate and participate in Mass. With two young
children in the house, I know I will continue to subscribe to
MagnifiKid! for many years to come.
– Karen in NJ

Upcoming Feasts

Prayer to St. Matthias

O Glorious St. Matthias, in God's design it fell
upon you to take the place of the unfortunate Judas who betrayed his
Master. You were selected by the twofold sign of the uprightness of your
life and the call of the Holy Spirit. Obtain for us the grace to
practice the same uprightness of life and to be called by that same
Spirit to wholehearted service of the Church. Then after a life of zeal
and good works let us be ushered into your company in heaven to sing
forever the praises of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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