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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Why I Love Being Catholic – Xuan Truong

I love being Catholic because I believe Catholicism is the sole faith founded by God. The founders of all other religions are mere mortals and flawed. Through the Catholic Church, I am unified with God in the most intimate way and able to call all baptized members family. Additionally, I gain access to all the means of salvation, notably the sacraments, through the Church.

Christ’s Incarnation is so profound and mysterious that the Catholic Church demands all time and space to disclose this unfathomable reality. The Church continually appreciates and reveals this complex truth in writings, artworks, teachings, relics, songs, traditions, etc. I am in awe of the mystery of Jesus becoming man. He became man not to destroy anything of humanity but to allow mankind to partake in the divine life. Jesus assumed a human nature so that the human race can be saved from the consequence of sin. During the process, he acquired no benefits for himself and instead was subjected to great humiliation and suffering. If I were to become a lesser form than myself, for example a bacteria, this transformation would be much easier to adapt to in comparison to Christ lowering himself to become man. Although a bacteria is a life form ontologically beneath me, it was nevertheless created much like I was. But for Existence, ipsum esse, to become fully man and then die is a true tragedy to human logic. But God, whom foolishness is wiser than human wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:25), chose this path for his only Beloved Son all because he loves us. God does not forsake me. He, who is love, works through the Church to make my love more perfect and enrich my soul with virtues.

By being a Catholic, I have the Church as my mother. Christ has entrusted her with many powers and gifts to bestow upon her children and bring them closer to him. The Word of God is not left to my own interpretation, which fluctuates and may often be incorrect. The Catholic Church, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, compiled the original Holy Bible and faithfully expounds it to the faithful. Additionally papal infallibility, given to Peter and past down to his successors and the bishops collectively in doctrinal unison with the pope, guarantees that all solemn teachings on matter of moral and faith is free of error because they are pronounced with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. I, thus, have a rich and reliable source that instructs me on how to live out my faith.

And to conclude, the Mass is hands down my favorite part of being Catholic. Christ instituted the “Eucharistic sacrifice of his Body and Blood”, in order to “perpetuate the sacrifice of the cross throughout ages”, and entrusted it to the Church (CCC 1323). During this celebration of thanksgiving, I consume Jesus so that, in turn, I am consumed by him. The master of the universe, in his humility, had chosen to be approachable in the Eucharist so that he could dwell within me. Oh, what an honor it is for me to witness and partake in the Blessed Sacrament- the epitome of Heaven on Earth.

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