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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Why I Love Being Catholic – Victor Phi Nguyen

“Who am I, and what is my purpose?”

This simple yet real question is something that every single man will ask himself in his lifetime. It is “the question” that strikes him to the core of his being and is capable of paralyzing him if he has failed to build his life on solid foundations.

My identification with the Church in my early years was far from admirable; similar to an outdoors man who hates his office job, I would come to the mass just to meet my obligations, not out of any desire or a sense of mission. It was obvious that I did not really like being Catholic. I didn't know it at the time, but I was searching for something, something more than this world could ever offer, and that was just enough for God to launch His ultimate plan of raising up a great man of the Church.

Like every Saint, it began with my encounter with Christ. He broke through my blindness and opened my eyes to the reality of life. I came to experience the real and living God; He was real! Yes, He was real! As He showered me with grace and flooded me with His love, I trembled in awe knowing that my world would never be the same again. From the first breaths of life, I was given the blue-print for what my life would be, and at my Baptism, God branded upon my soul a divine soul claiming me as His own and destining me for Heaven. Therefore, being united to the Church built upon St. Peter, I know why I'm here, I know where I'm going, and I know how to get there. That's why I love being Catholic. He breathed life into my soul, and that impels me to go out in search for hollowed-out hearts.

As Catholics, we need to come to a deep intimacy with the Lord, we have to stay focused on seeking lost souls drowning in sin, and we must constantly return back to God in order to receive the strength to persevere. Jesus calls us the light of the world: He wants us to be lighthouses that radiate His glory and goodness to those wandering in the seas of darkness! But it doesn't end there; it can't. If we are to be a beacon of hope, we must give it our all, and that means laying down our very lives in venturing out to unknown terrains. That means diving into the bottomless waters for our friends and family members who have given up their fight to survive.

God gave me the gift of Faith, and with that, He bestowed upon me the greatest mission in the world: to save dying souls. By being a living testimony of a truth that transcends this material world, Christ will use me to widen their gloomy eyes, and with the fire of His love, I will set their hearts ablaze!

Who am I, and what is my purpose?

I am a Catholic. I am a Man of God. I was born for this.

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