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Lent Is Coming. Is Your Parish Ready?
Lent Is Coming. Is Your Parish Ready?

Lent Is Coming. Is Your Parish Ready?

Just for a minute, stop thinking about what you’re giving up for Lent.

Let’s talk about everything you should be STOCKING UP on.

All hands to their Stations.

Have your Stations of the Cross books seen better days? Has it been quite a few days since you’ve even seen them? We have several options for you, so you can choose just the right prayer book for your parish. Order Now.

Stations of the Cross booklets

Ash and ye shall receive.

Giving up on the idea of making your own palm ash this year? Excellent decision. It’s dangerous and may very well be illegal if you were planning to do your burning outside.

We have ashes a-plenty (available in Smudgy Black only).

Ashes for Ash Wednesday

Palm…get your palm here.

Did those plans for harvesting your own palm in Hawaii fall through again this year? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered with a great variety of palm sizes and shapes including pre-made palm crosses and sanctuary decorations. Since this is our first year carrying palms, we're offering a free 100-pack of palms when you place your order.

Palms for Palm Sunday

Right. It’s not pink. It’s rose.

Ready to start a new (old) tradition? The fourth Sunday of Lent is also known as Laetare Sunday. Traditionally, rose vestments were worn on this day to remind people that Lent was almost over. We carry a wide variety of rose chasubles for your parish that you can also use on Gaudate Sunday in Advent.

Rose Chasuble

Brace yourself in case you aren't very punny:

What’s a deacon’s favorite movie? 101 Dalmatics!

Do your deacons always just wear a stole at Mass? Did you know that Deacons have an official vestment called a dalmatic?

We carry one of the largest selections available and can get them to you in time for Easter. Browse our selection of dalmatics.


Now is a great time to go through all of your altar server cassocks and albs to make sure that you have the sizes you need for Holy Week. Since there are usually so many servers involved and they likely have grown since last year, we are here to help fill in the gaps for your parish.

Server Vestments

We’re looking forward to helping you give your parishioners a blessed and smooth-running Lent.

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