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Catholic Stocking Stuffers

Last Minute Catholic Stocking Stuffers

The Catholic Reader

When you think fiction you may not typically think Catholic fiction because, compared to the Protestant world of writing, there just isn't a lot out there.

Even so, there are wonderful books that you can still get in time for Christmas for that fiction lover on your list.

The first one on our list is Elijah in Jerusalem. For fans of the Father Elijah series, this is the final book in the trilogy. I started it on a weekday and was so engrossed that I stayed up far to late to finish it two days later. For a Michael O'Brien novel, this one is tiny. It is only 300 pages long but a fitting conclusion to the journey of Father Elijah that began with Sophia House and ends here.

Elijah in Jerusalem

For someone with a less apocalyptic and more fantasy interest, I recommend Toward the Gleam and Looking for the King. Both involve hunts for ancient relics but Looking for the King has a unique twist – the protagonist is aided by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and the other Oxford Inklings.

Looking for the King

For grade school readers, the Chime Traveler books are a wonderful new series by Lisa Hendey that will keep your children engaged and teach them about saints and the Faith at the same time. Be sure to listen to my interview with Lisa.

Chime Travelers

Younger children will also love the Christmas tale of Ishmael the Shepherd. The illustrations are touching and the story will give everyone in your family a new perspective on the Nativity.

Ishmael the Shepherd

For your littlest ones, the Magnificat board books are cute, short introductions to the Faith that taste great, too!

 My First Prayers With Mary

Sacramentals and Devotions


We offer over 600 rosaries and chaplets but there are a couple I want to highlight.

The first is our Christmas rosary. This unique rosary features emerald green beads and a wreath center.

Christmas Rosary

The second is our Divine Mercy Rosary. Why not have a special rosary for the Year of Mercy? You can also use it to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Divine Mercy Rosary and Chaplet

Our local rosary maker, Debbie, will only be taking orders on new rosaries and chaplets for the next three days. After that she is going on a long break so we won't be able to get any more of her rosaries until March! Be sure to order now so you get one of her fine rosaries before she leaves.



Immaculate Conception Scapular

Every Catholic should have a scapular and since scapulars wear out, this is a gift that can be saved for later! We have twenty different scapulars available from the basic brown scapular to the Five-Fold scapular and even the rare Our Lady of Mercy Scapular.


Divine Mercy

Since it's the Year of Mercy, a Divine Mercy Gift is appropriate for everyone on your list. We have dozens of Divine Mercy items from stoles for your pastor or deacon to chaplets and rosaries.

We especially recommend Vinny Flynn's newest book, 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy. It's the perfect way to start your Year of Mercy and any future Divine Mercy devotions you may do.

7 Secrets of Divine Mercy


More for Kids

Glory Stories are a wonderful, exciting way for your kids to learn more about the saints. Each CD features dramatized lives of the saints. They are 20% off through December!

Glory Stories

The saint ceramics produced by the monks of Saint Andrew's Abbey are a great way to find a patron saint gift for your children.

Saint Andrew's Abbey Ceramics


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