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Last Minute Catholic Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is in only 11 Days

But we've got you covered. Whew.

Our most popular items of the year are still in stock and ready to ship today.

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Bestselling Catholic Music

The Perfect Gift by the Canadian TenorsThis year's bumper crop of great Catholic music makes a perfect stocking stuffer. I've been listening to a lot of these cds in the store and I can say that all of the new Christmas albums are very good but I especially recommend Noel by the Irish Priests and The Perfect Gift by the Canadian Tenors. As a bass I always feel left out of these albums. Have you ever heard of an album by a bunch of basses? Me either.

Noel by Josh GrobanEven though Josh Groban's album Noel isn't new this year I have to mention it since we get so many people in the store saying how much they love the album. I will admit that his rendition of O Come All Ye Faithful would be part of my ideal midnight Mass.

Illuminations by Josh GrobanWhile he may not have a new Christmas album, Josh Groban's new Illuminations album is very good and is actually the reason that I took a listen to his Christmas album from last year. I especially like The Bells of New York City which could be a Christmas song. Take a listen to samples from his latest endeavor.

In case you haven't heard about the Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible, take a listen to the World Over report on EWTN. It's the 12/2 program.

When we first decided to carry this set we went out on a limb and ordered a lot of copies. Fortunately, we guessed right about the popularity of this Bible.

“I can't recommend this collection highly enough. This would be a terrific gift for a Bible enthusiast or for a friend who is just beginning to learn about the life of Jesus.”Dorian Speed author of the Scrutinies Blog

Order your own copy of the Truth and Life Audio Bible>>

Bestselling Catholic Gifts

OplatkiOplatki Christmas Wafers are a great tradition to start this Christmas or carry on from previous years.

5 out of 5 stars

“They were thin wafers that were cream or rose colored. With them came envelopes and little cards explaining the history and tradition of oplatki. I shared these with my friends and family to get their views on oplatki as well. Personally, I thought they were best with honey and everyone agreed with me. This is a Christmas tradition that I hope to be able to establish in my home.” – Catalina in Wisconsin

Christmas Blend CoffeeMystic Monk Coffee lets you have the best of both worlds. Get a heavenly brew and help build an earthly monastery! Every bag of coffee that you purchase from the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming helps them get a step closer to building a gorgeous monastery in the wilds near Cody. We've been carrying their coffee for years and have just added their ground varieties to our inventory.

I've sampled several of the varieties and can highly recommend the Breakfast Blend, Jingle Bell Java, Cowboy Blend and even the Decaf.

My staff likes the Royal Rum Pecan so much that getting it from the boxes to the shelves before they buy it is a challenge.

View the rest of our yearly bestsellers:

Christmas Trivia

Yesterday was the Feast of St. Lucy which means that it's time for Ember Days! What's that? You've never heard of Ember Days? Well, here's a little bit of history:

The term “Ember Days” is derived from the Latin term Quatuor Tempora, which literally means “four times.” There are four sets of Ember Days each calendar year; three days each – Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Ember Days fall at the start of a new season and they are ordered as days of fast and abstinence. The significance of the days of the week are that Wednesday was the day Christ was betrayed, Friday was the day He was crucified, and Saturday was the day He was entombed.

Learn more about Ember Days>>

A Brief History of Christmas Carols

Most of us know by heart at least a few Christmas songs, and have heard many others, both secular and religious. From Thanksgiving (and often even earlier) until Christmas we are inundated with them in stores, on the radio, at Christmas concerts, and once the secular world is putting away their Christmas decorations, Catholics get to continue to hear Christmas hymns and carols at Mass for another couple of weeks. Just listening to one of these any time during the year can conjure up visions of Christmas pageants, nativities, red and green decorations, Christmas trees, and stockings hung by the fireplace. But the holiday has not always been so inextricably linked with these songs.
Hymns written specifically for the feast of Christmas have been around, it seems, almost as long as the feast itself. Many of these early hymns were created for and added to the Divine Office, and weren't widely known. Some of these early hymn-writers included St. Ambrose, Prudentius, and Venantius Fortunatus, Bishop of Poitiers.
We've got the history of Christmas Cards as well. Funny or unfunny, your choice.

Upcoming Feasts

St. John of the Cross – Dec 14

Ember Days – Dec 15,17,18

St. Peter Canisius – Dec 21

Christmas – Dec 25

St. John the Evangelist – Dec 27

Holy Innocents – Dec 28

St. Thomas Becket – Dec 29

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