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Large Homeschooling Family Needs Your Help

We received this note from a friend of ours and wanted to pass it along. Help this family out if you can:

I’ve spoken with many of you at some point about a friend of mine, Ann Frailey, who is a home schooling mother to 8 children.  This past December, her husband, John, died from complications associated with his fight with Acute Leukemia.   My daughters and I were visiting her family and with them when John died.   The Frailey family is one of amazing strength, stamina and grace.

I am trying to help spread the word about her books.  She is a wonderful author and writes Christian books.  Ann would really like to be able to support her family through her writing.  I am providing some intimate background info with the hopes that it will stir you to help me help Ann and her family.  If you have a contact person who would be helpful, please let me know or have them contact Ann through her web site.  Please read her books and post reviews on Amazon.  She sells them in paperback and I think at least her first trilogy is available for Kindle.

I was in contact with Ann today and I offer this in her own words:

“People have been so generous and kind, but I really don’t want to be given a living…I want to DO something to support my family…thus encourage my kids to find value in that.  In my mind, it is infinitely better to earn a little and live simply, than to take a lot and live off others. I know that being home and present to my children is the greatest gift I can offer them at this point…for now my job is to hang in there and get them as well prepared for God’s vocational call as I possibly can. In all humility, that requires me to accept support from a variety of sources – but if I can possibly give back through my writing – that is my dearest wish.”

Here is her background/book info:

The Road Goes Ever OnA.K. Frailey is a homeschooling mother with eight children between the ages of 17 and 5. She lives in rural Fillmore, Illinois.  She was a public and private school teacher for a number of years before she married and she served in the Peace Corps in the Philippines.  She has been homeschooling for twelve years now and her kids have done very well.  Her eldest son is getting ready to enter a local college in the fall in the LPN program.  All her kids maintain very good grades and have made her very proud by their endurance through some very trying times.   Her husband, John, was a teacher at Vandalia Correctional Center where he taught adult basic education.  He was well loved by both students and co-workers for his integrity and ability to maintain a positive attitude no matter how difficult the circumstances.  He was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia in May of 2009 and he went through months of chemo only to relapse a year later.  He was then given a stem-cell transplant which worked, in that he lived, but he developed Graph vs Host disease whereby his skin, eyes, mouth, teeth and various other parts of his body were ravaged.  In the last year or so he suffered incredible pain and was on permanent disability and needed to use strong pain killers constantly.  He died from septic shock, pneumonia and two heart attacks on December 15th.

Ann is also an author:  The Road Goes Ever On – A Christian Journey Through The Lord of the Rings was her first book, followed byThe Deliverance Trilogy (ARAM, Ishtar’s Redemption, and Neb the Great) a year or so later.  She published The Road through iUniverse and it has sold slow but steady without much help.  The Deliverance Trilogy she self published through Amazon.  It has had very good reviews on Amazon and through other books reviewers.  They are listed on her web page: www.akfrailey.com  The publicity agency Sandpiper has been working with Ann to get word out, but since she could not pay them but for a short time, they have been very kind but cannot do much for her now. They did help to get some wonderful reviews out though.  Reviews help to get the books noticed and hopefully add to sales.  She could really use 30-40 reviews between now and March.  If that occurs, she can get her books listed on www.bookbub.com, where sales tend to be higher with well reviewed books.  Since John had been ill for so long, her marketing efforts were rather dismal….she just didn’t have the time, but she is open to help and suggestions.

AramARAM won runner up for fiction in the 2011 Indie Fiction Contest and has won the Catholic Writer’s Seal of Approval.  Ishtar’s Redemption also won the Catholic Writer’s Guild SOA. Neb the Great is currently under review for both the SOA and the Arts and Letters Contest.

Ann’s next book – unpublished – is called Georgios.  It is a YA  (Young Adult) story set on the island of Patmos in the 1st century. It won finalist in the 2013 Tuscany Prize YA Contest.  (Pitch attached). She also has written a new book which is currently being edited named Melchior set in 5th century Briton after the Anglo-Saxon invasions.  (Pitch attached).

Ann has also given a variety of talks in churches, retreats, home-school groups, and on the radio (St. Joseph Radio, Sun Rise Morning Show, Mary’s Touch,) and EWTN’s Doug Keck Bookmark with other Catholic Guild writers in 2012.  She’s also done a variety of interviews for newspapers.

She has been published in The Latin Mass several times – most recently fall of 2013 and once in the New Oxford Review.

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