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Kids Activities and Books From Aquinas and More

In this issue:

  • We have a new blog!
  • Activities for Children…
  • Dealing with squirmers

Our New Blog

We have started a new blog called Musings from a Catholic Bookstore. This blog will be a place for us to post tips on Catholic retailing, product surveys, and general thoughts about the Faith.Recent posts include thoughts on fixing up old Mustangs, Evangelizing at Bible studies and the purpose of a Catholic bookstore.Feel free to participate in the blog by posting comments and letting others know about it.

Activities for Kids

This Catechism Cube Kit includes:1 B&W (Black and White) template of instructions6 B&W templates to be copied on coloured paper (including 6 different Cathletics Study Strips)7 templates printed on coloured paper for immediate use Advent And Lent Quest Craft Kit Other Craft Kits

Catholic Children's Bible This Catholic Classics bible has full-color illustrations and presents the best known stories from both the Old and the New Testaments. It carries an Imprimatur from C. Eykens, Antwerp, Belgium, May 28, 1983. A perfect gift for a First Communicant or any child.

Come and See – In the Beginning, A Catholic Bible study for Children

This Bible study is intended for pre-school and elementary-age children. Each chapter of the book has a Bible story from the life of Jesus, a memory verse, a picture for the child to color and a craft activity. This book is great for either the home-schooling mom or a parish ccd class.

Come And See - In The Beginning

Handbook for Today's Catholic Children Handbook for Today's Catholic Children uses charming illustrations, creative analogies, and simple text to explain the basic beliefs of the Catholic faith at a level children will comprehend.

For The Children For The Children: Words of Love and Inspiration from His Holiness Pope John Paul II

This inspirational keepsake book for children features carefully selected quotations from John Paul’s prolific writings and speeches. Children can now for the first time easily read in one volume what the Pope has to say to guide them in the difficult choices they will face in their lives. Touching on the eternal issues: love and caring, happiness and peace, suffering and evil, prayer and the church, Jesus and God, the family and the future, this volume reflects and celebrates Pope John Paul II’s love for children, and their love for him.

The Man Who Never Died: The Life And Adventures Of St. Peter, The First Pope
Most kids think of popes as old men who live quiet lives in the Vatican. In fact, danger stalks every pope. From John Paul II (who was shot) all the way back to the first pope, the men God places in charge of His Church have been hated and attacked for their goodness for the good the Church does.These pages recount the adventures of St. Peter, the first pope, whose troubles began just days after Jesus returned to Heaven. When Peter preached, baptized three thousand people, and cured a lame man, soldiers threw him in prison. Set free by a judge, Peter preached again, won more converts, and got jailed again… and again.
The Man Who Never Died

Father Brown Of The Church Of Rome Father Brown Of The Church Of RomeThis is a unique collection of ten of Chesterton's famous Father Brown stories which puts special emphasis on the role that Brown's Catholic faith played in helping him solve the murder mysteries. As Dorothy Sayers once wrote, Chesterton was “the first man of our time to introduce the great name of God into a detective story … to enlarge the boundaries of the detective story by making it deal with death and real wickedness and real, that is to say, divine judgment.

Books by Fr. Francis Finn Claude Lightfoot

Eucharistic Adoration Coloring Book This inspiring coloring book for children presents beautifully detailed pictures, ranging from symbols of the Eucharist to images of the saints who contributed to our understanding and devotion to the Eucharist. Written and illustrated by artist Katherine Sotnik, this book teaches as it entertains, showing the vessels for the liturgy as well as explaining the different names and terms that the Eucharist has.

Guidebook for Confession for ChildrenThis guidebook was prepared particularly for your children between 9 and 13 years old.It is fully illustrated and simple in approach to make it interesting and easy reading for a child. It explains the meanings of sin, Confession, and Penance; and how to prepare oneself for a good Confession.Encourage the child to make a thorough examination of conscience before going to Confession and to remove unnecessary anxieties from him. Guidebook for Confession for Children

My Picture Missal Picture Book My Picture Missal Picture BookThis full-color illustrated children's book is the perfect guide to help a young child follow the Mass. The parts said by the people are in bold print, and instructions for kneeling, sitting, etc. are in red.

Catholic Teaching: SquirmersWe have good Masses and bad Masses. When my husband, Tim, and I were courting, we went to Mass together every Sunday. Some weekday mornings we’d meet for 7:30 Mass at the little church near my house. On a winter morning, I would kneel on the kneeler’s stiff, cool leather and watch the gray light filtering through the high windows brighten to white. As the hand bell announcing Mass pealed through the perfectly still church, Tim would slip into the pew beside me and squeeze my hand. I pictured us growing old together in the quiet sanctuary of God’s Church.Then we got married and had children. Each Sunday when we get up and prepare four-year-old Rebecca, two-year-old Angela, and four-month-old Lucy for Mass, my stomach tightens.Read More here.

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  1. hi there
    you’ve done an awesome job!! i’ m born and grow up in catholic family. I have been an early childhood educator for the last 4 years, and I believe that a lot of families are benefitting from this activity. I would love to personally share some extra ideas and tips for the families and children about various activities they can do in my personal blog over here.

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