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It's Catholic Outdoor Statue Season at Aquinas and More!

Spring is here, or early Summer depending on where you live in the northern hemisphere, and thoughts often turn to the outdoors and to gardening. This year we are featuring our largest selection of Catholic outdoor statues ever! Why not choose a beautiful Catholic statue to place in your garden, creating a perfect spot for meditation or reflection?

Yes, it's Catholic outdoor statue season at Aquinas and More.


The image shown above is our granite finish St. Fiacre statue. Its made of a vinyl composition so you don't have to lug a several hundred pound concrete statue through your yard, destroying plants and grass along the way, to get it into place. You can achieve the same real concrete look, but without all the backache and crushed fingers! The statues come with a plug at the bottom – simply fill the inside with gravel and set the statue in place – all the weight and look of concrete, but so much easier – and you don't have to wait for a delivery truck either.

St. Fiacre is the patron of Gardening. You can't have a better companion in the garden than him. There's an interesting article about him in the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia here.

Most commonly people have outdoor statues of Our Lord, St. Francis or of the Blessed Virgin Mary in their gardens, and we do have a large selection of those – along with many others such as St. Anthony, St. Joseph, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Jude, and St. Patrick. To browse our complete outdoor statue selection, please go here.

These statues ship to you directly from the manufacturer, made right here in the U.S.A., and they typically ship within 24 hours. With standard shipping, you can have your new outdoor statue in about one week.

Why garden alone, when you can garden with a saint?

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