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Is Your Business Stuck in the Dark Ages?

As a pet peeve of mine, I can't stand the use of the term “Dark Ages” since it falsely stereotypes one of the most intellectually, architecturally and artistically important epochs in history, but this post from Business is Personal contains several questions that you as a business owner need to ask yourself now and every year. I'm sure the reference wasn't intentional.

Is your business stuck in that old world?

Has your business model changed in the last 5 years?

Has your business model been put out to pasture in the last 5 years?

Some examples to get your attention:

  • 5 years ago, iTunes was a joke in a RIAA board room, much less at Best Buy, Amazon and Wal-Mart. Today, it sells more retail music (In any format, on any medium) than any store of any kind.
  • 5 years ago, Skype was a joke in an AT&T board room. Today, it’s not unusual to see 11 to 12 million people using it simultaneously. It was valuable enough that eBay bought it for $2.6 Billion. Let me remind you that people who have a $3 billion in spare cash are not the types to just waste it on fast women, fast horses and fast cars.

So, with those things under your belt…

  • 5 years ago, did you get new clients the same way you do now?
  • 5 years ago, did you communicate with clients the same way you do now?
  • 5 years ago, what else was the same in your business as it is now?

If you aren't constantly moving your business forward through the use of technology and knowledge, your business is going to fall behind and eventually fail because someone else isn't going to sit around and hope technology stagnates along with his business.

Read the whole post.

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