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Is John Paul II ready to be called a saint?

Is JPII Ready to be Called a Saint?


On May 1st, John Paul II will take one step closer towards receiving the Church's highest honor.  But the reality is that being declared Blessed or a Saint is just a recognition that a holy person has already received God's highest honor: eternity in paradise.

In the month remaining before John Paul II is beatified, take some time to learn more about this beloved figure and decide for yourself if the time is right to declare him blessed.  Here are some great resources to get you started:


Stories of Karol


This short, readable book chronicles the growth and young life of this beloved pontiff through stories about his family, his vocation, and his intellectual training. It is suitable for both for adults and young people.


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Miracles of John Paul II


An instant best-seller when released in Europe, this powerful book describes the life and impact of John Paul II as told by individuals from all over the world who give moving testimonies how they experienced healings through the intercession of Pope John Paul II during his lifetime.


Limited quantities available!


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Why He is a Saint


This work account of the life of Pope John Paul II highlights his deep Christian faith, his dedication to the Church, and his spiritual essence, through the unprecedented light of the investigation into whether he merits sainthood.


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John Paul II DVDS


Pope John Paul II

with Jon Voigt and Cary Elwes


Karol: the Pope, the Man


Testimony: the Untold Story of John Paul II

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