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Introducing our “Behind the Counter” Staff Reviews!

With our “Behind the Counter” series you get Catholic product advice from the experts at Aquinas and More. This is the first post in a weekly series where our expert staff members share their top picks for Catholic books and movies. This week's picks were selected by our General Manager, James Rutherford.

James Staff Photo
James Rutherford, General Manager

Parallel Empires
Massimo Franco

“Parallel Empires explores the diplomatic history between the Vatican and the United States. It shows how strong anti-Catholic feelings in the U.S. nearly prevented diplomatic relations with the Vatican. Franco focuses on the strong union between George W. Bush and JPII and how the war in Iraq strained those ties.”

Brian J. Gail

“Fatherless is an engaging novel about the threats to life in America and the lack of men willing to take a stand.  This book is fast-paced and helps explain interesting topics like contraception, exorcism, and the marketing strategies that get you hooked on premium television.”

The Hidden Stream
Msgr. Ronald Knox

“With brilliant wit and clear analogies, Msgr. Knox unlocks some of the most fascinating mysteries of the Faith.  Starting with questions on the nature of religion and finishing with the resurrection of the body, Knox takes will take you on an exploration of the Faith that will remove the fog from important issues and have you seeing the Faith with crystal clarity.”

Faith, Reason and the War Against Jihadism
George Weigel

“A timely book about how to understand extreme Islam and the epic battle between Islam and the West.  Weigel carefully explains the basic tenets we must grasp if we are to win this cultural war.”

James Rutherford has been with  Aquinas and More since 2004. He is a graduate of  the University of Dallas, and enjoys reading various titles covering topics ranging from history to theology.

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