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Interview With an Exorcist – A Tiber River Review

Interview with an Exorcist
Interview with an Exorcist

Our culture has become fascinated with the paranormal and the occult.  The listing of the latest movies at one's local theater easily attests to this.  Or even a leisurely browse through the teen section of a bookstore reveals what our youth are interested in these days.  Therefore, there are many misconceptions as to the nature of good and evil.  Fr. Fortea's book Interview with an Exorcist is very timely as it reveals the truth regarding these things.

In the forward by Bishop Samual T Aquila, His Excellency warns against being too fascinated with this topic.  Too much fascination, he argues, leads to being open to the forces of evil.  It is good for a Catholic to know these things but an unhealthy interest should be avoided.

Written in the style of an interview, Fr. Fortea discusses angels and demons; the reality of evil; demonic activity; temptation and sin; demonic oppression and possession; and exorcism and the path to deliverance.  In discussing these topics, he draws on the Church fathers, the Catechism, and his own experience as being the exorcist for his diocese in Spain.  He stresses the importance of obedience to the Church and a solid spiritual life in protecting oneself from evil.  He also reveals a deep love of and trust in the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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