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I'm So Glad We Have a Catholic Governor

It gives me more reasons to homeschool my kids.

Why don't you drop him a line?
Dear Governor Ritter,

I am writing to let you know that I am opposed to HB 1292. Contraceptives give users a false sense of security making it more likely that they will engage in risky sexual behavior. Planned Parenthood has plenty to gain both from selling contraceptives and from providing abortions when contraceptives fail.

Please don't force schools to teach kids that having sex is acceptable as long as they are “protected”. Condoms fail and STDs aren't effectively stopped by them. You wouldn't pass a law requiring schools to teach kids how to safely smoke or how to safely do drugsĀ because you expect kids to say no. Why not put a little more faith in our kids and raise the bar for them to say no to sex as well?

The lack of contraceptive information in schools isn't what leads to teen pregnancy, itsĀ  a culture that in saturated in sex from the Albertson's checkout aisle to almost everything on TV and the radio. Contraceptive education is a way of surrendering to popular culture and giving Planned Parenthood a boost in clientel. Our kids deserve better.

God bless,

Ian Rutherford

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