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My Journey..

I was not a Catholic, in fact i had no idea about the Catholic's beliefs… then…

I started out as a protestant… a person who was always told that hte Catholic Church had the wrong teachings. I went to Protestant school, protestant church, and was surrounded by protestant family. Then one day I decided it was time to switch schools, i searched high and low. For charter schools… Public Schools… then I found it!! Holy Spirit Catholic School. So I ready to enter the seventh grade go and visit with the principal. I was accepted immediately!! So i started school and fell in love with the Catholic Faith, i went to mass, I prayed the rosary faithfully, but there was something missing; THE EUCHARIST! of course! How could i not see what i was missing. So after Youth Group one day i go up to my leader and said that I wanted to convert to the Holy Roman Catholic Church!! So i took the classes, got ready. Then the day came, i made my profession of Faith. Then it was time, the only funny thing was is that I was to be Given Communion with the 2nd graders. So of course i was the tallest person in the line… :-D!! From then on I didn't stop, i went to youth conferences and youth group and Rallies for Life. Then I got Confirmed, under Saint Francis. Then Comes another funny thing. I was just informed that me, the newest Catholic in my class. Had recieved the highest score on the ACRE Test, a religous aptitude test!! So I got to Crown Mary and i also got a huge scholarship for High School

I love my FAITH !!

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  1. I have a First Communion picture from International Studios, Montreal, Quebec of a girl kneeling, hands clasped in prayer and looking up at an insert picture of her deceased Mother. May be of the Paul Damphouse family, Windsor, ON. How do I find the origin of this picture? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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