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I Think We are Officially a Large Family

12 Passenger, burgundy, 2006, 28k miles, and zero clearance getting into our garage. The kids love it.

Our Chevy Venture served us well for 23 months during which time it took us to California and Arizona and many smaller trips in between. For the last trip to Arizona, my parents bought us a car topper for the luggage and it was still a very tight fit. The new owners have two kids but want more. Hopefully the van will serve them as well as it did us.

Last week my parents finally said goodbye to the van that served the family faithfully for 17 years. It had 300,008 miles and had been taken all over the country when I was younger. Our Venture was a good van but I didn't feel bad about selling it. I actually felt sad looking at the picture of the wrecker taking the old van away. It was rusted out, had been turned into a cargo hauler and a while back had an electrical fire that knocked out all the interior lights and the radio. Still, like our old house in town was almost family and full of great memories. Does anyone else have great memories of an old vehicle?



  1. I don’t really have any great memories of an old vehicle, unless you count my first car ever…I have 5 kids, so now we drive a Suburban, but that first car was a small hatchback, and I miss being able to fill up the tank and drive around on 2 weeks on that tank! LOL

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