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How to Get to I Do – A Tiber River Review

How To Get To "I Do"
How To Get To "I Do"

How to Get to I Do is a fascinating psychological study of the contemporary Catholic dating scene, but I would hesitate to recommend it as a guide for anyone who wishes to actually find a husband.

Author Amy Bonaccorso is described in the back-of-the-book flavour text as a “veteran of the Christian dating scene,” and so she is. She spent nearly ten years searching for men at Christian college groups, parish social events, and on on-line dating sites. Although numbers are not given, one has the impression that she dated dozens, if not hundreds, of men before settling down with her husband. Her insights are certaintly hard-won, and there is a lot of good advice here, unfortunately what she consistently illustrates through her practical examples and her personal anecdotes soundly contradicts the thesis of her book. She promises to help young Christian women to get down off their high horses, abandon their dreams of Prince Charming, get real, and get married. In practice, however, the horse is only lowered by a couple of millimetres, and one is largely advised to settle for Prince Charming’s slightly-less-charming younger brother.

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