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How to Choose a First Communion Dress

How to choose a First Communion Dress

Selecting a First Communion Dress for your daughter’s First Holy Communion can be time consuming task. Here are some tips to make sure you save time and get the perfect dress for such a wonderful occasion.

Look at the different styles available.

First Communion dresses come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Sleeves can be short, long or none at all and some dresses have a cute bolero vest.

Dresses also can be floor length or shorter and your daughter will probably have an opinion about what she likes best.

And don’t forget the veil!

Consider price

Dresses can range in price from around $50 to over $300. Are you planning on having this dress available for multiple daughters? Will your daughter wear this dress more than once? First Communion dresses usually make good Easter dresses later. Just add a pastel sash!

If this is a one time shot consider spending less. Department stores typically have inexpensive dresses that are perfectly suitable for a one time use.

If the dress is going to be worn more, consider spending a little more from a company like Lito Children’s Wear. The dresses are good quality and all the ones carried by Aquinas and More are made in the United States. These dresses range in price from $80 up to $120.

If you are looking for heirloom quality to pass on for generations, go with Embroidered Heirlooms. These dresses are gorgeous and have those classic details like piping and smocking that you won’t find in many places anymore. You will pay for the quality. These dresses are typically over $300 and you have to order early since the company is small.

Consider where the dress is made

Unfortunately, most First Communion dresses are made in China. These dresses are typically less expensive but if you have an option, why not get a dress made in a country that doesn’t have a policy of state-forced human rights abuses?

Fortunately, it is possible to buy dresses at reasonable prices made in the United States.

Organza First Communion Dress
Organza First Communion Dress

Measure Twice

If you can’t walk into a store to buy a dress, make sure you measure your daughter carefully so that you get the right size dress.

Some stores may not let you exchange a dress if you make a mistake but at Aquinas and More we will be happy to make an exchange for you if the dress isn’t the right size.

Remember that tea length dresses are higher than ankle but lower than knee height.

Measurements are taken from the shoulder to the bottom hem of the dress.


Embroidered Tulle First Communion Dress
Embroidered Tulle First Communion Dress


Does your daughter’s doll want to share in the special day?

What girl wouldn’t want to dress up her American Girl-size doll just like her? Lito makes matching doll First Communion dresses for several of their First Communion dress styles. What a great gift for your daughter!

Doll First Communion Dress
Doll First Communion Dress

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