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How to Choose A First Communion Bible

How to Choose A First Communion Bible

To start off, what is a First Communion Bible?

First Communion Bibles come in a variety of formats from a standard full-text Bible to picture Bibles. What sets them apart is a special records section for the First Communicant. This section typically contains a place to record the name, date and location of the First Communion. Several of these Bibles also contain a special section with general Catholic information including the Mysteries of the Rosary, the Seven Sacraments, basic prayers (Our Father, Glory Be, Hail Mary, etc.) and the Ten Commandments.

Which First Communion Bible is Right for My Child?

First you need to decide if you want to get your child a full Bible or a picture Bible. The picture Bibles have highlights from the Bible and are chock-full of pictures. What you won't get is the entire book of Leviticus or Numbers.

Picture Bibles come in a couple of different styles:

The Catholic Bible in Pictures

Catholic Bible in Pictures

  • EVERY significant story in the Bible (both Testaments), told in sequences of three to ten captioned pictures
  • An astonishing 1,085 pen-and-ink illustrations in all-not cartoon-like outline drawings, but intelligent, and bursting with historical details
  • Captions are concise-typically two or three sentences-and summarize the action of each picture in clear language, using direct Biblical quotations wherever possible
  • The pictures are reverent yet dramatic, and flow into one another so that the movement of the story is clearly seen
  • Teens no less than children can enjoy-and learn from-this book, which serves as an excellent primer (or refresher course) in Bible history
  • In telling about Jesus, detailed attention is paid not only to his miracles and Passion but to His teachings, including key parables and the Sermon on the Mount
  • 11 talented artists prepared the illustrations, which were then verified by Bible experts for historical accuracy

Catholic Bible Stories for Children

Catholic Bible StoriesJoin Martha as she busily prepares for Jesus' visit.  Help Alexander the Great rule over his kingdom.  Listen as Jesus makes His great promise.

Introduce young Catholics to these lessons necessary for faith formation.  Lifelong learning begins with these stories of witness, worship, and tradition told in tales engaging for tiny tykes and cool school kids alike.  Bright illustrations richly reflect the positive message of God's love for us.

This First Communion Edition has an introduction by Alfred McBride, O.Praem., a presentation page unique to First Communicants, and its own special cover.

If you want a full Bible for your First Communicant, there are several options.

First Communion BibleFirst, you have the very basic First Communion Bible in Blue or White. These First Communion Bibles use the New American translation.

A beautiful Catholic gift Bible designed specifically to commemorate a child's first communion.  Features include:

  • Christ's parables and miracles
  • Imprimatur
  • List of popes
  • Presentation pages specifically for First Communion
  • Seven Sacraments
  • The Apostles' Creed
  • The Nicene Creed
  • The Rosary

Next, you can get the Girl's First Communion Bible (in Pink) or the Boy's First Communion Bible (in blue). These Bibles both use the New American translation.

First Communion BibleA beautiful vinyl over paper flexible cover gift edition specially designed for a girl's First Holy Communion.  Pages are edged in pink. This Bible contains:

  • a full-color 8-page First Communion Certificate
  • Presentation Page
  • a Prayer Section–containing the Lord's Prayer
  • a listing of the Sacraments
  • the Rosary and the Nicene Creed.(Rosary includes the luminous mysteries)
  • Christ's parables and miracles
  • list of the popes

Finally, you can get what we consider the best First Communion Bible available. This is because TAN went the extra mile to include more than the standard records page and prayers. Introducing,

The Douay Rheims First Communion Bible

Douay Rheims First Communion Bible

  • This Bible features the cherished, traditional Douay-Rheims translation.
  • Contains three sections of inserts relating to the Sacrament (32 full-color pages).
  • Supplemental material is written for children (ages approx. 7-11).
  • Inserts include:
    • “First Communion Edition” Bible presentation page
    • Saints stories: Blessed Imelda & St. Tarcisius (including pictures)
    • Prayer before Communion
    • Section on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
    • My daily Catholic Prayers (includes most common Catholic Prayers)
    • How to say the Rosary, includes the mysteries
    • List and description of Seven Sacraments

Extras For Your First Communion Bible

Now that you have chosen the best Bible for your Communicant, why not get it imprinted? Aquinas and More can imprint your child's name and the date in gold foil on the front cover of the Bible to create a lasting memory.

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