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How to be Holy

How to be Holy – Podcast Interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft

You all know how the Bible says “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” right?
Actually, it doesn't. That is a quote popularized by Sir Francis Bacon, Anglican and anti-Catholic.
What the Bible does say is that we are all to strive for holiness.
And there is the rub. Being holy isn't easy. Heck, sticking with your Lenten resolutions may sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge.
And yet, if you want to get to Heaven, holiness is a pretty important requirement.
So what should you do?
You could get a library of books by spiritual masters:
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Spiritual Combat
  • Interior Castle
  • Story of a Soul
  • Imitation of Christ
  • Abandonment to Divine Providence
While I think you should eventually read many or all of these books, they may not be the best starting point on your quest for holiness.
Instead, I recommend a book by Peter Kreeft. Dr. Kreeft has been writing books for you and me for decades.
  • He's shown how You can understand the Bible
  • He's summarized the Summa for non-Thomists
  • He's explained Angels (and Demons)
  • He's taught beginners like us how to pray
How to be Holy
In his latest book, How to Be Holy – First Steps in Becoming a Saint Dr. Kreeft explains:
  • the meaning of life.
  • why belief doesn't make us holy (and what does).
  • the main obstacle to holiness and how to overcome it.
  • how to “get back to nature” – the right way.
  • why you can't bypass suffering if you want to be holy.

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