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How Not to be a Good Vendor – Part III

1) Tell us we haven't been paying our bills for two years.
2) When asked to send the invoices in question, never do.
3) When given payment information proving payment, do nothing with it for months.
4) When phone calls are made asking for some sort of assistance in getting the matter cleared up, don't return calls for two weeks.
5) When sent payment information again, don't do anything with it for a couple more weeks.
6) When repeated messages are left asking for some kind of update, don't reply until you are finally caught in the office.
7) When you say you will get back to us in an hour, never call back.
8 ) When we call back several days later after not getting an update, tell us that because we are a credit risk, we now have to prepay all orders.
9) When you finally send us the invoices we requested five months earlier and it turns out that the issue is a joint error – the vendor hadn't recorded more than half the amount due and we were missing some invoices, tell us that it doesn't matter and we have to prepay all orders.

Anybody know a good supplier of audio talks?


  1. is the diary available in large print – does the hard cover version have larger print than the paperback ?

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