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Homeschooling Bleg

One of the things that we have tried to do as a Catholic store is cater to the needs of homeschoolers. Apart from the Catholic on-line stores that focus almost exclusively on homeschooling material, we appear to be the only Catholic on-line store that puts a large amount of resources into finding and carrying Catholic homeschooling material.

I am interested in where throughout the United States there are strong Catholic homeschooling communities. Here in Colorado Springs our homeschool coop has over 100 kids involved, there is a pastor who has really been welcoming to the homeschooling community and our bishop celebrates an annual homeschool Mass. Where else are there large communities and are they supported by the diocese?


  1. You know that we came from Irving which used to have (I thought) a great many homeschooling families. I am told now that there are only about 12 which seems like less to me, but maybe my memories inflated the number.
    Since we moved, this has been a problem. There are no co-ops and we have found that the Catholic homeschoolers seem to be well hidden. There is no pressure from the state to be hidden as Texas is a very homeschooling friendly state. The 3 families we have met were at daily Mass at the parish closest to us which, while not being anti-homeschooling, is not exactly HS friendly since they have a school to run. I think HSers are seen by some pastors as competition for potential students.
    Anyway, even though we live in the DFW area and there are many Catholic HSers everybody is so spread out that we have ended up with small clusters of groups here and there and unfortunately for us, there isn’t a cluster in our area. We have to drive atleast 30 miles in either direction to get to a cluster and in Dallas traffic, that could take 2 hours. As far as I know, Fr. Paul and Fr. Hart were the only two pastors who welcomed HSers (Fr. Paul said many times that he wanted Blessed Sacrament to be known as the Homeschooler’s Parish). He is now in exile, whoops, I meant Greenville and Fr. Hart now works for the diocese and doesn’t have a parish.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I live in Northern Virginia, and there is a large Catholic homeschooling community here. I live on a military post, and don’t get to the parishes much, but they apparently are very supportive of this educational choice: parents are actually trusted to do a proper catechesis and are not told to put their children in CCD (here on post, the DRE wants my kids in the program…I try not to hold this against her).

    I belong to a Catholic homeschool group that has 38 families on the roster and 156 children. The military community here also boasts a large number of homeschoolers (there are 9 families just in my neighborhood of 248 homes), but unfortunately, they are all evangelical Christians who want to convert me!

  3. Congratulations for your support and nurturing of homeschooling. While all our children are grown, I do fully support this wonderful initiative. In Clearwater FL I know there is an active homeschool community and it is supported by local parishes.

    May God Bless all who take the time to homeschool their children and try to install Catholic morals and values in their children! I wish there were more of you!

  4. We have three Catholic homeschooling support groups here but basically some of us belong to all three. All together, I would say it is a big community. Our new bishop also supports Catholic homeschooling. He proved that by celebrating a homeschooling Mass last year and we will be having another one this year.

  5. Here in the Diocese of Buffalo we have a Catholic homeschool support group with over 80 families. I believe that we are well over 300 children. We have pastors who are supportive. One pastor says an Opening Mass at the beginning of the school year, a Graduation Mass in June and hears the children’s First Penance. Another pastor hosts our annual May Crowning, and this year will be hosting us for All Saints Day. The Bishop himself has traditonally celebrated our bi-annual Confirmation for our teenagers. First Holy Communion is celebrated in the public chapel of a cloistered monastery, with the permission of the Bishop. The Chancery’s support of our group goes back to the last two bishops, plus our current Bishop Kmiec. We are certainly blessed here in Buffalo!

  6. There is not much of a Catholic Homeschooling community in our area, in fact there is not much of a Homeschooling community at all. This is our fourth year in the area and after huge recruiting efforts our co-op has 6 people, mostly Evangelicals. The others are Catholics but mostly all fallen away, our past priest had ‘bad things’ going on that drove alot of people away. He’s gone now, awaiting court dates and all and our new happy-go-lucky, joke-telling priest has a long row to hoe on this island.

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