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Have You Heard of Catholicism?


“Ever ancient, ever new” is a great way to describe the newest multi-media project about the Catholic Faith.

Fr. Robert Barron of the Word on Fire Apostolate spent three years traveling around the world filming for Catholicism. This project, like the Great Adventure Bible Study is first and foremost a group study but also like the Great Adventure you can watch it at home and still learn quite a lot about the Faith, especially if you have the accompanying book.

“Simply the most vivid catechism ever created; a high-def illustrated manuscript for the twenty-first century; the best-ever film about the Catholic faith.” – Brad Miner, That Catholic Thing

The series is a 12 or 22 part look at the Catholic Faith set against the backdrop of the actual locations where events took place. Echos of Steve Ray's great approach in his  “Footprints of God” series (minus the Indiana Jones hat) are prevalent but the series takes a much broader look at the Faith and isn't primarily historic.

“Catholicism is a crash course and, as the cover of the book depicts, an open door. Father Barron takes full advantage here, as he has done in his Word on Fire ministry, of the new schools of our new media. ‘It’s a way in,' he says.” – Katherine Lopez, National Review Online

If your parish is looking for a group study program or a new RCIA program, this is definitely one to recommend.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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