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Have You Gotten a Gift For Ordination?

So here's the scenario:


Someone you may not know well has invited you to attend his ordination to the deaconate this year.


You want to get a gift but what do you get a new deacon?


Fortunately, this is a question that we get asked over and over again each year so we have plenty of suggestions in all different price ranges for you. We have so many, in fact, that we wrote a gift guide for new deacons.


First of all, you should ask if the new deacon has set up an ordination gift registry with us at Catholic Church Supply. That makes everything else very easy.


We recommend reading the whole guide but here are some highlights:


Things a deacon always needs:


Deacons all need albs and stoles. The nice thing about a stole is that even if you get him a color he already has, chances are it will be a different style.


If you decide to get an alb, you are going to need his height and chest size. Keep in mind your climate. Don't get a heavy fabric if you live in Florida. He may remember you every time he wears the alb but it won't be in a good way.


Things a deacon may need:


Every deacon should have his own sick call set because part of his duties will be visiting the sick. Don't get these confused with Mass kits which are useful only for priests.


Clergy shirts aren't something you typically think of when you think of deacons but in some places deacons do where them for official functions. Make sure you get the size right. But if you don't, don't worry. We'll exchange it for the proper size.


Things a deacon may like:


We have a variety of deacon pendants and pins for deacons which have been very popular gifts over the years.


We also carry polo shirts with the deacon's cross that can be embroidered with the deacon's name.


A gift certificate to Aquinas and More is a great catch-all when you really have no idea what to get.

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