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Have a Catholic Summer and Save Some Green


It's Summer, but it isn't time to slack on your faith life just because we're mid-way between Lent and Advent.


We have several great ideas for how you can keep the Faith in your life over the next few months. If you're in Australia, you can hold this email for a few months.



Your backyard. Whether it needs some work or is already a work of art to be enjoyed, don't forget to make a spot for your Faith. You could buy a St. Francis bird feeder but how about a great challenge? What if you designed a garden full of a secret code that only another Catholic could possibly decode? What if you grew something that has a long history in Catholic devotion but has been lost over time.


I'm talking about a Mary Garden. The first known garden specifically dedicated to Mary was planted by St. Fiacre (patron of gardeners and all those in need of a green thumb) in the 7th century. The first known reference to a “Mary Garden” can be found in the quite dusty 15th century purchase records of a monastery in Norwich.


The list of flowers, herbs and other plants that can make up your garden is quite extensive. Read more about the history and traditions of a Mary Garden and start a new (old) tradition.


If you do decide to add a nice outdoor statue to your garden, we have a wide range of Mary and other saints to choose from. View the entire line of outdoor statues.


Oh, and take 15% off for the next week!



If you are off for a vacation, whether to the beach or somewhere else, don't forget to take along something with a little bit of substance and moral character. Why bother reading some bit of secular drivel when you could spend some time reading something edifying and enjoyable?


We have a wide range of titles for children, teens and adults that will give your soul some solid nutrition while you are enjoying the Summer. Get your own Catholic Summer Reading and take 15% off for the next week.

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