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Happy Feast of St. Joseph from Aquinas and More Catholic Goods




March 20, 2006

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Top St. Joseph items

Catholic Teaching: Is St. Joseph the Father of Jesus?

Joseph Laminated Holy Card

A listing of all our St. Joseph merchandise.

Four-color St. Joseph Scapular with brown cord, St. Benedict Medal and Crucifix.

St. Joseph Scapular with St. Benedict Medal
Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph: His Life And His Role In The Church Today

Now, perhaps the first time, the real Joseph of Nazareth emerges from behind the legends and myths that have dominated earlier works. This is not a pallid icon gazing at a lily, but a rugged flesh and blood carpenter deeply in love with his wife, passionately devoted to his son, skilled at his work, and completely dedicated to God's will.

No words of St. Joseph are recorded in Scripture. In fact, little mention is made of him. Yet, despite these seeming limitations, the Church nonetheless possesses an indescribably rich knowledge of St. Joseph, a fact which The Life and Glories of St. Joseph by Edward Healy Thompson amply demonstrates. Based mainly on Scripture, but supported also by tradition and the depositions of saints, it is a carefully reasoned analysis of the entirety of that great saint's role in the history of Salvation and the life of the Church.

Life and Glories of Saint Joseph
St. Joseph And Child 8 in. Alabaster Statue

This finely detailed statue of St. Joseph holding the Christ Child is made of alabaster and is hand-painted.

The statue is made in Italy and stands 8 in. high.

This vinyl composition statue of St. St. Joseph with the Christ Child stands 24 inches tall and has a Granite-colored finish.

For outdoor use, the statue can be filled with mortar mix or 1/2 inch diameter gravel for additional weight.

St. Joseph and Child 24in. Outdoor Granite-Finish Statue
St. Joseph 12 Kt Gold-Filled Round Medal

This round 12 kt. gold-filled St. Joseph medal is 3/4in. in diameter. It depicts St. Joseph holding the Christ Child. The medal comes with an 18in. gold plated brass chain with in a deluxe gift box.

The beautiful pewter wall cross is 5 in. x 3 1/2 in. In the center is a medallion with St. Joseph in high relief. Above is the Holy Spirit, on the left arm of the cross is the symbol of the Lamb of God, and on the right arm is the Bible. Comes in a gift box with the "Prayer to St. Joseph."

St. Joseph the Worker Pewter Wall Cross
Joseph/Protector of Homes Laminated Holy Card

"St. Joseph, protect our home. Pour forth heaven's blessing on our family. Remain in our midst. Help us to live in love and harmony, in peace and joy. May the wholesome fear of God strengthen us that virtue may adorn what we do and our way may lead to heaven.

"To you this day I give the key to our dwelling place. Lock out all things that could do us harm. Lock my home and my loved ones with me in the hearts of Jesus and Mary. This I beg of you that our days may be like your days in the holy home at Nazareth. Amen."

Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph

Here are all the famous, beloved prayers to St. Joseph, including the Novena to St. Joseph, Prayer to Obtain a Special Favor, Litany to St. Joseph, 30 Days' Prayer, Memorare to St. Joseph, Ancient Prayer to St. Joseph ("found in the fiftieth year of Our Lord . . ."), Prayer for Purity, Prayer to Obtain a Conversion, Prayer for a Happy Death, Prayer in a Difficult Problem, Litany for a Dying Person, the Chaplet of St. Joseph, the Cord of St. Joseph, and much more.

Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph

Catholic Teaching: Is St. Joseph the Father of Jesus?

There is more than one opinion today on Joseph’s relationship to Jesus. Here are some you may have heard:

Joseph was possibly the biological father of Jesus, but the Gospels deny it, claiming that Jesus was the product of a virgin birth, making him more than a man.
Jesus was really the product of a rape, and Joseph stepped up to the plate and helped Mary and her baby.

Joseph was not the father of Jesus because Jesus had no biological father; he was born to the Virgin Mary by the miraculous overshadowing of the Holy Spirit.

So what is the truth? Is it theologically and historically correct to call Joseph the father of Jesus? The answer is both yes and no.

Read More here.


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