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Handbook for Catholic Moms – A Tiber River Review

The Handbook for Catholic Moms
The Handbook for Catholic Moms

In The Handbook for Catholic Moms, Lisa Hendey has assembled a treasure trove of practical suggestions for all areas of Catholic motherhood. But what’s exceptional about her book is that you can read it, recognize areas you may need to work on, and not feel crummy. That’s a rare thing for me, with my love/hate relationship with motherly advice books.

It’s her tone – firm but not preachy, admitting her own struggles, and staying positive without sugar-coating the challenges we face as moms. Hendey also doesn’t write for just one type of mother. She provides ideas for moms at all points on the “working” spectrum – those who hold down full-time jobs, those who homeschool, and anyone in between. The book also includes special chapters for single parents, adoptive familes, and families with special-needs children.

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