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Google Advertising – Sometimes Good, Sometimes Not

Google keyword advertising can be a very cost-effective way to promote your business. I think that in the last year we have only had one week where we lost money ($15).

However, Google has two different types of advertising. First is the keyword advertising that everyone is familiar with – type in a keyword on Google and you get search results as well as ads.

Second is the content network where sites that use Google Adsense display ads related to their site content. We have found that the exposure on the content network is very high but click-through is almost zero. We have also found that there are plenty of Adsense scam sites that look like web site directories but are really just made up of Google ads. Today I asked Google how I could see a list of sites that our ads appear on . They said that to protect the privacy of those who display the ads, they can't give out a list but that it is possible to exclude up to 500 sites from the places where my ads could appear.

Did you catch that? I can't know where my ads appear but I can exclude 500 sites that may or may not be displaying my ads. Because of this bizzare logic and poor performance, we turned off our content ads this morning.


  1. Thanks for the info. We catholics are in business too and use the Internet – obviously! We need to know how to use the systems of economy for our benefit. Thanks again – Blessings

  2. Good advice. We’ve been thinking about hooking on with Google ads and will definitely take your advice.

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