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Good news about Barton Cotton

They're back in business!

Back in early February Barton Cotton temporarily closed their doors and their parent company put them into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For several weeks the bankruptcy court was looking for a new owner and the situation did not look good. We spoke with two of the companies that were looking into buying them and it seemed almost hopeless. Over time the situation improved, thankfully, and the bankruptcy court made some new decisions regarding both the operations and assets.

Barton Cotton Confirmation Certificate

This week the ResourceOne company will complete their purchase of at least the religious products division of Barton Cotton. This morning Diane from the Barton Cotton company called to let us know this good news.  Probably the best news in all of this is that the Resource One company has already been in the same business segment that Barton Cotton was in and so an experienced new owner should be able to achieve a reasonably seamless ownership transition. Diane at Barton Cotton tells us that order processing and fulfillment are completely up and running and all Barton Cotton accounts, whether individual or retail, can be assured of immediate order fulfillment. In fact, they have been up and running for a little while. In this economic downturn, this really is good news.

For Catholic retailers, especially, it is good to know that ResourceOne has a lot of experience in our unique market and is a member of the National Catholic Development Conference. They have done some very good work for the Oblate Missionaries and for the St. Joseph Indian School, among others.

Click here for a link to an informative article about the transition and about ResourceOne. Click here for more information about the ResourceOne company.

Barton Cotton has been the leading supplier of Mass cards, bulletins, sacramental certificates, seasonal cards, and more for three generations and it was quite a shock, to say the least, when they went through a temporary shutdown and everyone wondered what would ultimately happen. We're really pleased that they are back! For all of us Catholic retailers, it will be good for business too.

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