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Gift Ideas for Deacons

Gift Ideas for Deacons

Are you looking for a special birthday or Christmas gift for a deacon in your family or an ordination or anniversary gift for the deacon at your parish? If you are looking for a special gift for a deacon in your life, something that will serve as a reminder to his fulfillment of God’s work, Aquinas and More has a variety of products to suit your needs. From pendants and paperweights to the finest vestments, we carry a wonderful selection of religious products that make ideal gifts for deacons.


Particularly for a deacon ordination or anniversary, deacons’ vestments such as Economy Dalmaticdalmatics and stoles are ideal gifts – useful and directly related to their role in the diaconate.

To suit different churches, liturgical seasons, and stylistic preferences, Aquinas and More carries a variety of patterns and styles from very simple, solid colors to highly decorative dalmatics for particular feast days. And with everything from basic dalmatics to elaborately embroidered vestments, such as a traditional dalmatic imported from England, there is something available for any price range. View all of our dalmatics by clicking here.

Stoles are also an integral part a deacon’s liturgical wear, and make great gifts as well.

Aquinas and More is proud to present a wide variety of styles for different needs, from the simply colored eucharistic stole, to an elaborate Divine Mercy stole or stoles specifically for Marian feasts. View our selection of deacon stoles here.

ShirtsDeacon Polo Shirt

If the deacon for whom you are shopping would like to display his vocation in everyday life outside of his liturgical vestments, you may want to view our deacon polo shirts. This is a high quality polo style shirt made of Egyptian cotton and available in a variety of colors. A tasteful deacon cross is embroidered on the chest. The deacon cross (also sometimes called a deaconate cross or deacon’s cross) is a simple cross with a deacon stole on it.

Wearable Accessories

A classic favorite gift for a deacon is the deacon cross pendant. The deacon cross is a subtle, tasteful, and constant reminder of a deacon’s role in doing God’s work. A deacon cross pendant is a versatile gift as it can be worn with or under any garment. To suit different preferences, Aquinas and More carries a simple bronze pendant, a sterling silver pendant, and a two-tone plated pendant. For the man that prefers a lapel pin to wearing a pendant, we also carry a simple, tasteful deacon cross lapel pin.

Books for Deacons

By the time a deacon is ordained he probably will already have a set of the Liturgy of the Hours but there are several other books available that he will find useful.

Let's consider what a deacon does. First, he proclaims the Gospel. One thing that every lector, deacon or priest should have is a Lectionary Pronunciation Guide. Believe me, he and everyone else will thank you.

Another very important task for deacons is the care of the sick. The Shorter Book of Blessings and the pocket-sized Pastoral Care of the Sick are two books that a deacon will use almost weekly in his ministry.

He also will be assisting with marriages, baptisms and funerals so the Order of Christian Funerals, the Rite of Marriage and the Rite of Baptism are books that he will want to have.

Other Gift Ideas for Deacons

There are also many other products bearing the deacon cross emblem. A few good items for his workplace are the deacon cross pen stand and pen, and a letter opener, available in bronze or nickel. Other items include a deacon cross key chain, and a deacon cross golf set. Also available is an elegant imitation leather breviary cover with a deacon cross embroidered on the front – ideal for storing and carrying a Liturgy of the Hours book!

Of course a gift for a deacon does not need to have a deacon cross emblem on it to be a great gift. Perhaps the deacon in your life would like a patron saint medal of a saint to whom he has a special devotion or a medal of St. Stephen, the patron of deacons, and the Church’s first deacon.

Gifts for a Deacon’s Wife

Deacon's Wife Keepsake boxAquinas and More also carries gift items for deacon’s wife. A deacon wife’s cross is the deacon cross (cross with a stole) with an interlocked pair of wedding rings in front. Items with the deacon’s wife cross emblem include a keepsake box, lapel pin, pen stand, paper weight and necklace with pendant.

View our selection of deacon gifts and deacon’s wife gifts by clicking here.

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