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Get Ready for Fall Classes

The New Didache Series: Revised for Unsurpassed Teacher Assistance

The Didache series has been revised and there are big changes.  When I first heard that some of the new teacher's manuals were 1400 pages long and cost $130+ I was a little shocked.  The previous edition cost $45 so what's with the price increase?

Well, flip through the book and it's value is immediately apparent.  First of all, it's a full-color, hard-cover book instead of papers in a binder. 

Second, each page shows the student pages in miniature, surrounded by ample content that you can use to enhance the lesson.  These extras include activity ideas, key thoughts found in the unit, sources for additional information and much more.

Thirdly, you get chapter planning guides with homework assignments, main objectives, guided exercises and special assignments.

The entire last half of the book is an answer guide for the student workbook, tests, quizzes, and vocabulary reviews.  All the teacher resources are now in this one volume.  Instead of a whole stack of books, you just need the student text, teacher text and a workbook.

Planning a religion class doesn't get any easier than this.

View Entire Didache series>>

Introduction to Catholicism>>

Understanding the Scriptures>>

Our Moral Life in Christ Set>>

The History of the Church Set>>

New Study Guides for a Classical Curriculum

Like the idea of a classical curriculum but don't know how to teach the classics?

Check out the Questions for the Thinker series.  You can start with the Greek Classics tour through essential works like The Iliad and the The Republic.  Guided questions for thirteen classics total.

View Greek Classics, 2nd Edition>>

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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